Hello world!

August 23, 2006

Welcome to Socialist!

I thought a lot about the title for this blog and how it would impact the number of potential readers. Let me start with explaining the scope of this project and the gap I hope to address, and then give you the reasons that led me to choose to call myself a socialist.

I can see how the world keeps being polarized between two apparently opposite ideas: Capitalism and Socialism. The followers of the former are regarded as exploiters of human and natural resources with eyes only for the bottom line. The proposers of the latter are regarded as populists, with ideas that lead to inefficient and irresponsible economies.

The reality is that the Capital cannot ignore the impact that today’s economic activity is having on the environment, lifestyles, and poverty in world. The Left cannot ignore economic law when they propose programs to alleviate poverty based only in good intentions.

Is socialism still relevant today? With the fall of the Soviet Union, people in North America had dismissed socialism led by the belief that communism and socialism are the same. But Socialism is well alive in the welfare states of Europe (e.g. Sweden, Norway, and Spain) and Canada. In the case of South America (e.g. Brazil, Uruguay, and Argentina) we see a comeback to some form of socialist governments, but often falling to its populism version (Venezuela, Bolivia, and Ecuador).

Even in more pure capitalist countries, (i.e. USA) you can find two opposed views: The Liberals (Democrats) with a social agenda and market intervention preferences, and the Conservatives (Republicans) who prefer tax cuts and to leave markets alone.

The gap that I will intend to address is the lack of a bridge between these apparently opposed ideas. I wish to demonstrate that more than opposed, they are complementary. The Capital needs to follow sustainable methods in order to keep generating wealth; it needs a long-term vision on the impact of its actions. The Left must understand that, in order to distribute wealth, wealth has to be created first.

It is said that the Left lacks a brain and it is all heart, and that the Right lacks a heart and it is all brains. I disagree. I believe the Left can use its brain to follow economic laws and that the Right can generate wealth with a heart for social causes and for people that is being left behind on today’s fast world. No compromise needs to be reached in order to maximise wealth and social safety if we can find a fashion to follow economic laws in a smart way while paying attention to matters of globalization, multiculturalism, free and fair trade, and ecological meltdown.

I decided to call myself a socialist because I think that no one should be left behind and that everyone deserves the same opportunities. I have the dream of starting a PhD in Policy, but not having the means to achieve it, this blog will keep track of my interest and my effort to give to the Left a brain and to the Right a heart.

Let’s the debate commence!