An Angel’s Name

A small boy was about to be born, and he was scared at the experience in front of him, so he asked God: They are telling me that You are going to send me to earth, but, How will I survive, as small and vulneralbe as I am?
He told him: Between lot of angels, I chose one who will be waiting for you and will care for you.
But tell me, here in heaven I do nothing but sing and smile, and that is enough for me to be happy.
Your angel will sing and smile at you every day, and you will feel loved and you will be happy.
And, how will I understand when people speak to me, since I do not know the strange language that men speak?
Your angel will tell you the sweetest and tenderest words you will hear, and will your angel’s lot of love and patience, you will learn to speak.
What will I do when I want to speak with You?
Your angel will put your hands together and show you how to pray.
God, I heard that in the Earth there are some bad men…
Your Angel will defend you, even if that costs its life.
But I will be sad because I won’t see you again…
Your angel will talk to you about Me and it will show you the way so you can come back to Me.

In that moment, a great peace was felt in Heaven, the clouds started to open, and you could hear the temporal voices coming close to the child. The child in a hast, asked Him with tenderness: My God, if I have to go, at least tell me my angel’s name!

He answered: her name is not important; you will call her Mom.


2 Responses to An Angel’s Name

  1. Mat says:

    No so sure about that!

  2. mcyclops says:

    So I need to be sorry about you.

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