Enemies of the State

How many lies hide, calling themselves Homeland, Calling Themselves México
~Fernando Delgadillo

You can’t speak against México in my presence, the love I fell for my country sometimes blind me; all the good that is in me came from México’s streets, people, and soul. There are, though, enemies of México everywhere, and the worst is that they are also Mexicans, hiding in the shadows, pretending to be guards of the order and law, laying eggs of corruption and havoc everywhere.

My brother was stopped Friday 11th in Campeche, Southeast México, by the Federal Police. He has a Greenhouse and Landscaping business with his wife, and they are struggling, as any Mexican Middle Class, to move forward and have a comfortable life. He was bringing plants from Central México to their Greenhouse, along with some hardware material. He had invoices for everything. Looking at a commercial truck, the Federal Police stopped him, interrogated him, and told him that he had to go to the police station to check that the invoices correspond with the merchandise he was carrying. Guilty unless proven the contrary. They fleeced him of $5,000 pesos ($500 USD), more than two months worth of groceries in México.

I cannot hide the love I feel for México, and I cannot hide the hate and resent I feel for the enemies of my country, who sadly are also Mexicans. I vow for them to be chased down, sustain trial, and be put in jail. A man can dream, can him?


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