Olympic Torch Protest

Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.
~Albert Einstein

Any protest against China repression in Tibet would a well deserved one, but a protest has to be done in a smart way, trying to get the message to the people that can change it, and avoiding by all means to look stupid and radical.

The manifestations in France against the Olympic Torch are a perfect example where people stop thinking and start acting for the sake of acting. To protest the Chinese repression on Tibet, they decided:

  • Attack the Olympic movement
  • Destroy the Olympic flame, one of the most beloved icons of modern times
  • Endanger the athletes that carry the torch, like Stephane Diagana, 1997 400-meter world champion

Why the activist don´t aim the protest to China´s Embassy and consulates? Why don´t they send massive letters of support to the Dalai Lama? Why not to close the access to China´s Embassy, Consulates, and Economic envoys? No, they decide to attack the Olympic torch and the French athletes. I am sure there are better, more effective, and way more direct means of protest against Human Rights violations, but they decided to stop thinking and to act for the sake of act.


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