Four hundred thousand South Africans are dying every year of AIDS. This makes the war in Iraq look like a birthday party
~Jeremy Cronin, SACP deputy secretary at the Satawu congress in Johannesburg.

I reproduce now a map from National Geographic, with the countries sized according with their rate of HIV/AIDS infection.

Every square represents 10,000 persons.

Every square represents three and a half times than all the deaths of the American troops in Iraq, and three times more than the victims of the attacks to the World Trade Centre.

Two thirds of infected people live in Sub-Saharian Africa.

Botswana, even with its impressive economic growth, has the highest level of infection of the world: 22%. That is one of every five persons.

Cost of the three-pills treatment in USA: $15,000 us/year (50% of GNP per capita)

Cost of the three-pills treatment in Africa: $600 us/year (50-200% of GNP per capita)

Cost of Iraq’s invasion: $400 billion USD.

Global Cost of HIV/AIDS prevention: $3.5 Billion USD.

Click in the map for the full size…

World HIV/AIDS Infection Rate

Data from US Casualties and cost from Iraq war: Speech of HON. RON PAUL OF TEXAS Before the U.S. House of Representatives January 5 2007
Data from global cost of HIV/AIDS prevention: “Closing the Gap”, HIV Prevention working group, 2002.
Data from the map: NGM, September 2005. Spanish Edition.


3 Responses to HIV/AIDS Map

  1. cheritycall says:

    Hi, Give something to help those hungry people in Africa and India,
    I added this blog about them:

  2. Jerry Berry says:

    Very nice graphic, but I thing the copy that NGM put with it is more impressive – and as long as you’re ‘borrowing’ their image, might as well include their copy, and a link:
    You: “…countries sized according with their rate of HIV/AIDS infection. Every square represents 10,000 persons.” Rate and headcount are two different things, not interchangeable. Further, your death and cost figures for the USA wars imply the same thing you allege the West has done to AIDS victims: completely ignored the death and destruction of their targets, which is Many Times greater.

  3. mcyclops says:

    Hi Jerry, thank you for the link, it was not available when I wrote the post, but I did not “borrowed” it, I made the reference at the very beginning.

    You are right with the definition of “rate”, I translated it from Spanish and I was referring to the colour coding used in the graphic for rates greater than 10%.

    I am not alleging anything about the West and AIDS victims, but the cost of the war comes from US figures, so it is fair to assume that it does not include the cost of the destruction that this illegal war brought to Iraq, which only strength my case.

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