Free / Fair Trade Barriers

NAFTA and GATT have about as much to do with free trade as the Patriot Act has to do with liberty.
Michael Badnarik

Another reason to promote fair trade: In a recent article by Peter Hakim written for Foreing Affairs, the author describes some of the barriers that the United States imposes on agricultural products:

“Most Latin American governments want to negotiate free-trade accords with the United States. Knowing the trade politics of Washington, they are even prepared to accept conditions they consider to be less than fully fair or balanced. Still, they resent Washington’s unwillingness to compromise on most issues, such as the trade-distorting support payments the U.S. government makes to U.S. farmers, harsh U.S. antidumping rules, and Washington’s demands for new standards of intellectual property protection. Sky-high tariffs and quota limitations on sugar, orange juice, cotton, and many other high-volume Latin American exports make the United States seem ungenerous and breed cynicism about Washington’s advocacy of free trade.”

I think I don’t need to add more, along the States considering promoting free trade as a one-way street.


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