Welcome to new blogger

The power of one is the power of doing something. Anything.

Earth Communication Office

I want to take a moment to welcome Mylene and her Real Social Work on this blogger world. She is a student of the matter and she will be looking on ways to make a difference in the community one person at a time (Is there another way?).
Is there a way of using social work to help ending injustice? Are developed countries treating their poor citizens the way they should? Does the first world uses migrant workers to subside the food? She will be exploring those issues and more.

This video may resume what she wants to say:


4 Responses to Welcome to new blogger

  1. Mylène says:

    Gracias por suportarme en eso y revisar algunos de mis blog!

  2. I found your blog very interesting,just setting mine up.hope it does as well as yours

  3. mr mortgage says:

    thanks for inviting me here.!
    i got a lot of information here.
    good work.

  4. MyLaw says:

    thanks for inviting me to your website.
    quite a simple page but with informative content.
    well done.

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