Right Clash Left, Right Clash death

Where did they throw our dead?
Where did they toss our dead?
Where the shit did they throw our dead?
Elena Poniatowska

Right clash with Left. Right clash with death. I posted before what happened Sep 11, 1973, when intolerant left clashed with intolerant right. Today is one more anniversary of another massacre that happened when the conservative government of Mexico tried to advert the demonstration of students involved in the same world movement than those students in the May of Paris or those demonstrating against the Vietnam War in USA.

June, 22, 1968, the police intervined in a conflict between students from highschools Vocacional 2 and Issac Ochoterena, in Mexico City. The brutally of the intervention shifted the students’ demonstrations against the Mexican Government, headed by Gustavo Díaz Ordaz. The movement grouped students and workers from unions and non-unions. The evening of October the 2nd, 4,000 people gather in Tlatelolco to demonstrate against the oppressive government. The Olimpia elite group was sent by the government to infiltrate the group and to detain the heads of the movement. Policemen were on the roof of the surrounding high rises with orders to shoot the students.

As the demonstration went on, 8,000 members of the Mexican Army surrounded the plaza. One helicopter flew over the crowd, firing a light as a signal to start the massacre. The attack started at 18:10 and lasted two hours. The soldiers and policeman started shooting against the multitude. The dawn of October the 3rd, the plaza was cleaned of bodies, but the mark of blood was everywhere. Díaz Ordaz stated that the death toll was more than 30 but less than 40, meanwhile, journalist from USA calculated 150.

Least we forget October the 2nd.


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