9/11 1973

“There is a new empire in town”

Laurence M. Vance

My September Eleventh:

There are times when the Right clashes with the Left. I am not talking about the academic clash, with an endless discussion about economic theory, or Human Rights. It is neither the usual clash in the elections times, or the demonstration against globalization in Seattle , Québec, Cancun.

I am talking of the darker times of the Right against the Left that warmed the Cold War. Once Upon a time, in South America, the people dreamt about a change. With 34.9% of the votes, Salvador Allende won the elections in Chile against Jorge Alessandri, who just got 27.8%.

Feeling that the close margin was not an impediment, Allende began to nationalize everything he could. He started with the land. The peasants invaded private property while the government did nothing. The copper mines quickly followed; Allende called an old decree from 1932, and the Socialist government started to nationalize the industry, affecting the powerful American interest.

Allende felt invincible, then he nationalize the copper mines of Anaconda and Kennecott. That was the point of not return. Richard Nixon decided to get ride of Allende for good. Edmundo Pérez Zujovic was assassinated by the socialist forces (Vanguardia Organizada del Pueblo), and the police did nothing. Allende ignored, maybe naively, maybe on purpose, all the economic law and international rights that he could used to better serve his cause and to create a real Social-democratic government in the Andean country.

In March, 1973, Allende lost the control of the congress, so he proceeded to veto all the new initiatives that could helped to save the regimen.

September 11 1973. A military coup, leaded by the CIA, took place. Bombarding Santigo de Chile, Augusto Pinochet took the power. Thousands of Chileans were tortured and murdered. 18 years of Right dictatorship followed three years of democratic socialism. The Right acted brutally and merciless. Chile had to wait until March 11, 1990, to elect a new president, the Social-Christian Patricio Aylwin.

The clash of Right and Left. USA served the bombs, Chile the deads. The justice was left unserved.


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